VIDEO: Sheep (ACT II – Belteshazzar’s Rising)

December 17, 2018 Uncategorized

Sheep (ACT II – Belteshazzar’s Rising)

Pre-order Digital Album “The Soul Has No Gender”. You get “Look At Me” & “But You” tracks here.

“Sheep is the 2nd single from upcoming album “The Soul Has No Gender”.

“Album has seven videos which show an individual struggling inside to define their own identity. Dani’el, in this case Beltheshazzar, whom you’ll see in this video and the upcoming videos, serves as a leitmotif in the fight against belonging to one national identity and religion. In this case, I add gender identity as the socially and culturally defined roles of men and women, and examine the fluidity of human sexuality, which isn’t consistent” (Dani’el).

Credits: Music: Dani’el Lyrics: Maja Mačković Camera: Tomislav Klarić Executive Producer: Dani’el

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